Hello there beautiful hearters. 💕As a proud Libra, I wanted to talk about some Libra traits. And basically everything related to Libra, but from my personal experience.

Libra is an Air sign. Ruled by Venus.

🌸Social. Libras are very social creatures. We basically love and enjoy being surrounded by people. We get along well with anyone and everyone. We enjoy people's company.

🌸Attention lovers. We want to be the center of attention. We adore that.

🌸Helpful. Trustworthy. Well, if you've ever met a Libra, you'll find out that they're always there for their friends. They're supportive and will be there whenever you need a shoulder to cry on. They'd keep your secrets and they'd try their best to go through whatever you're going through.

🌸Hate conflicts. We really hate fights and arguments. We'd rather talk quietly about things than get in unnecessary conflicts.

🌸Talkative. Well this can be both a good and a bad trait. We are very talkative, we enjoy talking about colors, life, hobbies. Anything and everything.

🌸Analytic. We analyse and think a lot, although we never really make it obvious. But analyse everything, really.

🌸Romantic. And basically loves everything related to romance and love. Well, as a Libra, the lack of love really irritates me. Relationships are important to me.

🌸Indecisive. Well, honestly. I really can't make up my mind easily, over everything. From tough decisions to tiny ones like which café to go to. It's hard for me to make a decision.

🌸Flirty. Well, flirting is harmless, isn't it? We are very flirty. We love to flirt, but we hope that the person we flirt with doesn't take it seriously.

🌸Grugde carry. Well, yes. Although Librans are known as the most peaceful ones of the zodiacs. Well, some of us hold grudges. And even if we forgive, we'll never forget.

🌸Manipulative. Not as much as a cancer or a gemini, but Librans are manipulative. We are good with words, which makes it easy for us to manipulate others into doing whatever we want.

These are the only things I can think of for now.

Well from my personal experience, I get along the best with Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, and sagittarius.
Leo, cancer, and taurus (girls only) make good friends.
We're alright with Virgo and Scorpio. But we don't get along at all with Taurus boys.