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I never could prove myself and never did it.

But you helped me to do it.

alone, cry, and dark image

You smile at me.


Only your name sounds to me like a cursing word.

aesthetic, alternative, and end image

But maybe it should be like that.

Although I doubt it.

Do you really have to be that way?

afraid, deep, and fear image

In the past, you were so heartless


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I can not deny that and now you change.

Now I do not even see you.

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I'm better now.

alone, cry, and exhausted image

Apart from the voice of your eternity in my mind, your laughs, the eyes, and the glance in my memories, and the occasional stories of your friend like me

sad image

you give me a fresh start

Before disappointing, and even after.

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But maybe

Maybe a little bit

feel, deep, and poet image

Those other songs about unlucky love

maybe some of them will remind you of me.

forever, deep, and quote image

but I do not think that they will remind you about ME.

I think at least she or those other girls.

But still.

Lyrics, camila cabello, and friends image

but maybe just some day you will dream about my eyes.

But about my happy eyes.

those HAPPY eyes that I can not see on my face now.

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