I wanted to help you all out. I've been seeing a lot of my followers asking me for help, feeling a little sad or tired or stressed. And I thought maybe I should write about things you could do when you feel sad. I'm not saying it's the cure, but it probably will distract you. Also, these are just suggestions. You can do them, you don't have to. If you know it'll make you feel worse, then don't. Everyone is different. These are just my tips and the things I do when I feel sad.

Oh, and, you can do these things whenever you want. You don't have to feel sad to do them (:

Clean your room

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I read somewhere that according to a study a clean room makes you happier. I don't know why exactly, but cleaning your room when you're sad really helps me. It makes my room smell fresh and makes me feel better, because I finally did something useful and I simply sleep better in a clean room. Also, cleaning your room takes your mind of the pain and the sadness, or at least it does for me. So I think this one really helps.

Read, draw, listen to music

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I can't draw, so that one doesn't work for me, but if you feel sad it's important to keep your mind distracted. And believe me, social media and tumblr isn't distracting your mind. You just need to give your mind some rest, so drawing, reading and listening to music seem pretty good options to keep your mind distracted.

Go out for a walk

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Explore your city. Even when you think it's boring, you might find some interesting places and if not, you can always enjoy the nature. It's spring, the weather is getting better again and flowers are starting to bloom. You can always take someone with you or go alone, it doesn't matter. It's just that fresh air really wouldn't hurt you if you're sad.

Visit the library or a museum

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Some people think they're boring, but I love visiting a museum or going to the library. It makes me feel like I'm learning new things about whatever subject, and that makes me feel better. Visiting a museum alone isn't weird, it's normal. Many people do it to enjoy the beautiful paintings on their own. I know you don't always have the chance to do this when you feel sad, but if you do, do it. Going out makes people feel better most of the time.

Visit a coffeeshop

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Even though coffeeshops aren't as fancy where I live as they're in the UK, going to a coffeeshop is actually much fun. You could go on a date with your best friend or go alone and bring a book or your laptop. Order your favorite drink (doesn't have to be coffee) with a delicious muffin and relax. Give yourself some time.

Write your thoughts down

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No, you don't have to write poetry about how the way you feel, even making little notes will help you clean your mind. Things like writing a bucket list, quotes, a dairy are really fun to do. But, I mean, if writing poetry makes you feel better, go for it.

Wear a big sweater, get some tea and watch a movie

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Most of the time I feel sad at night and then you can't do most of the tips above. So when you feel sad at night, you could curl up in bed and go watch a movie. And with a movie I mean action, science-fiction, horror, comedy; just everything except rom-coms or drama.

Watch the stars/sky

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As a dreamy and very romantic person, I love to watch the stars or the sky. It somehow always makes me feel like I'm in a movie or in a book and that makes me feel better. It's simple, but amazing.

Hope I helped you a little.

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Have a good day, my loves.