I've seen this challenge in a few articles now, so I thought I would try it myself. Here is an A-Z of my aesthetics, or just things that I like.

A is for Autumn

Superthumb autumn autumn aesthetic

B is for Books

book book Superthumb Superthumb

C is for Concerts

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

D is for Doughnuts

delicious chocolate chocolate chocolate

E is for Elephants

Superthumb animal animal animal

F is for Flowers

aesthetic aesthetic Superthumb aesthetic

G is for Giraffes

Superthumb animal giraffe giraffe

H is for Holographic

aesthetic grunge background blue

I is for Intergalactic

aesthetic bath nail art Superthumb

J is for Jigsaws

Superthumb game Superthumb Superthumb

K is for Koalas

article Superthumb bear animal

L is for Lightning

aesthetic dark clouds blue

M is for Music

grunge aesthetic music alien

N is for Nail Art

nail art art nail art nail art

O is for Origami

Superthumb heart Superthumb Superthumb

P is for Pizza

delicious cheese baking cheese

Q is for Quotes

book people happy inspiration

R is for Rainbows

clouds colors colors flowers

S is for Stationary

cute Superthumb colors Superthumb

T is for Trainers

adidas adidas adidas adidas

U is for UK

london Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

V is for Vanilla

bean Superthumb delicious Superthumb

W is for Writing

Superthumb flowers Superthumb Superthumb

X is for X-Ray

aesthetic couple bones family

Y is for Yankee Candles

Superthumb candle candle candle

Z is for Zebras

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb animal