Hi Everyone!

I've seen this challenge in a few articles now, so I thought I would try it myself. Here is an A-Z of my aesthetics, or just things that I like.

A is for Autumn

alternative, autumn, and rain image autumn, fall, and forest image autumn, coffee, and goals image Temporarily removed

B is for Books

books, reading, and fan girl image book, john green, and looking for alaska image Temporarily removed book, binge, and tyleroakley image

C is for Concerts

aesthetic, alternative, and bw image concert, shawn, and mendesarmy image beautiful, concert, and crowd image concert, crowd, and goal image

D is for Doughnuts

doughnut, pink, and yummy image food and yummy image chocolate, delicious, and desserts image Image by I N G R I D

E is for Elephants

adorable, baby, and elephant image adorable, baby, and beach image elephant, cute, and animal image Temporarily removed

F is for Flowers

flowers, rose, and pink image Temporarily removed aesthetic, amsterdam, and beautiful image sunflower, flowers, and yellow image

G is for Giraffes

africa, animal, and bush image giraffe, animal, and kiss image giraffe image Image by 𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐙𝐈𝐄.

H is for Holographic

grunge, wallpaper, and aesthetic image heart, hearts, and rainbow image Temporarily removed crystal, rainbow, and blue image

I is for Intergalactic

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed nails, rainbow, and nail art image bath tub, lush, and rainbow image

J is for Jigsaws

family, fun, and games image dark, jigsaw, and puzzle image Temporarily removed blonde, blues, and boot image

K is for Koalas

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed cute, Koala, and bear image eating, Koala, and cute image

L is for Lightning

sky, purple, and lightning image Image by j sky, storm, and clouds image lightning, blue, and sky image

M is for Music

Image by • 🇦 🇳 🇬 🇪 🇱 • purple, aesthetic, and phone image aesthetic, black, and black and white image Temporarily removed

N is for Nail Art

Image by Katelyn Pugh Image by Katelyn Pugh Image by Katelyn Pugh Temporarily removed

O is for Origami

blue, color, and flamingo image heart, origami, and pink image arte, happy, and oriental image adventure, adventures, and crane image

P is for Pizza

food, pizza, and love image Temporarily removed baking, cheese, and food image food, pizza, and yummy image

Q is for Quotes

Image removed Temporarily removed quotes, life, and words image quotes and inspiration image

R is for Rainbows

rainbow, sky, and clouds image Inspiring Image on We Heart It rainbow image rainbow and rose image

S is for Stationary

cute image Temporarily removed school, study, and colors image tumblr, papelaria, and stationary store image

T is for Trainers

Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It adidas, shoes, and sneakers image adidas, shoes, and grey image

U is for UK

Inspiring Image on We Heart It animals, cliff, and ireland image beautiful, cliffs of moher, and green image city, landscape, and uk image

V is for Vanilla

vanilla, aesthetic, and french image candy, date, and delicious image ice cream, food, and yummy image vanilla pods image

W is for Writing

bullet, diary, and journal image vintage, typewriter, and flowers image colors, highschool, and idea image planner, bullet journal, and january image

X is for X-Ray

stars, aesthetic, and space image Temporarily removed Image by Skeleton🥀 brother, colorful, and colors image

Y is for Yankee Candles

candle, cashmere, and cozy image Temporarily removed pink and candle image candles and yankee image

Z is for Zebras

Mind Blowing, the boss, and zebra stallion image Animales, belleza, and naturaleza image animals, wildlife, and zebra image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

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