Hi beautifull hearters!

A new week, a new article!!

yay! I've been waiting to write this but I did not have time enough (only on monday mehhh :(....), but anywho, lets just get started with this one!

This article is about having the perfect feed, so enjoy lovess



★ choose some filters, or any kind style

for example: I use vogue pictures for my feed, but you can also use some other colours or filters. look:

  • Indie
paris, travel, and autumn image
nails, rings, and beauty image aesthetic, theme, and skirt image
  • Jungle green
girl, mirror, and aesthetic image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, girl, and summer image girl, summer, and tumblr image
  • The noir
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed gucci, aesthetic, and black image paris, city, and france image
  • All about vogue
Temporarily removed paris, travel, and flowers image Temporarily removed bag, drinks, and white image
his is the style I am kinda creating on my feed!

★ now, search for the vibe you want to create

Found the perfect matching style? Now search for some cute pictures on the internet or on WHI, pinterest, tumblr etc.

Heart, and post them, to get the pictures on your account/feed. You can also make collections with different styles.

aesthetic, sky, and pink image coffee, desk, and homework image fashion, style, and pink image Temporarily removed

★ editing

Get creative by editing your own pictures to fit it to the theme!
here are some editing tools and guides for some great edited pictures.


VSCO cam is an app for editing photos.

here is a link to it:

I mostly use the filter HB2 or HB1 (you can 'buy' those for free)

but there is a black and white filter, and there are lots of other options!

architecture, art, and blackandwhite image black hair, feed, and friendship image

here are some filter templates:

feed, kimkardashian, and instagram image feed, instagram, and vsco image vsco image Image removed


you can also use Instagram if you don't want to download other apps!
use their filters, or edit them on the 'edit' button.

fashion, jeans, and style image love, dog, and fashion image beach, bikini, and body image Temporarily removed

There are also lots of other ways to edit pictures and you can even edit them in your phone's gallery.


this was my article for this week!
It's kind of long but I hope you enojoyed it and I hope it is very useful too :)

lots of love!


fashion, girl, and blue image