I've been growing up each day and feel beyond grateful.
Even though deadly inside been busier than ever.
I know I can through this, just need more and more motivations.
Is not that too hard but a little bit work hard.
Is not all about yourself but surrounds you with positive people.
Is not let's do this quickly and pass it but learn what it means.
Is not that too frustated but you just need to take a break and relax, go somewhere.
I won't procastinate but what I often do it is.
I want to learn more and read a literature but all I do is surfing...the internet.
I want to study at least 2 hours per day but I just scrolling my instagram.
This is not okay.
I need to stop my bad habbit, from now step by step.
Small actions like uninstall my social media and then try to read a book or note from the class perhaps.
Then I committed to it in everyday.
Fighting against myself.