Hi future husband or maybe even wife (who knows?)

I hope that I can be myself around you and I don’t have the feeling that I sometimes need to hold back so you’ll feel like you’re good enough. I hope I can be fiercely honest with you and that that’s something you’ll love about me. I hope I talk to you about all the weird things I make up in my mind. I hope that sometimes you are able to take a step back and therefore see me clearer than I sometimes see myself. I definitely hope that you have the courage to even then stay connected and talk to me about it. I hope you have enormous ambitions, just like I do, and that together we are realizing them. I hope we have a balanced relationship in which we know that we can complete some parts of the other person but we don’t depend on the other person for feeling like a full human being. I hope we joke around like little kids and irritate each other all day long. But when we need to work something out that we’ll be incredibly mature and handle things (and make decisions) out of love and not because of some past trauma. I hope that I know that I will always love you and whatever might happen, that I have you by my side. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

Always yours,