With my love for you, comes great anger that tells me, you weren't who you said you were.

Let me ask you, before any confessions, was it all just game for you?

Love, or whatever the connection we had was, seemed so real to me. I thought you meant it, when you told me I could always open up to you and tell you anything. I thought that, when we talked about our future dreams, you were really planning to achieve those goals with me. I always appreciated how much you tried to make time for me from your busy schedule.

You wanted me close to you and you wanted to talk to me. I had an invitation to your birthday and to the dance concert you were going to perform in. You gave me so much.

Was it really all a lie?

And if the answer is no, you need to tell me:

Why did you suddenly start to ignore me, my messages and my attempts to reach out? Why didn't you tell me, when the dance concert I was supposed come to watch, was being held? Why all of a sudden, if I was struggling, you started to treat me like a burden?

Do you know how worthless you made me feel? Do you realize how much I have cried for you or how much pain I had to endure?

Do you even care?

The fact that I would let myself be used like this, makes me sick to my stomach. If your plan truly was to make me feel special, then abandon me and then watch me crawl back to you as you get pleasure from my pain and desperation, you should be ashamed of yourself. Ashamed that you would go to those extraordinary lengths just to get some pathetic boost for your nonexistent ego.

You haven't been loved properly, so you turned love into a weapon. You turned it into a way to control people, to control me. Little did you know, you turned yourself into a monster.

I wanna believe that you did care about me, but it's hard. You have left me too many times, without any remorse. Too many times you have hurt me, not caring if I end up hurting myself.

You may have seen me at my worst. You may have seen me on my knees, begging for you to come back.

But you have no idea what power has always existed underneath all that tearful sadness.

You think you're the only one capable of destroying others? You think you can only break someone, if they're in love with you? You think you can just play with people's lives and feelings with no consequences?

I guess I'm glad that you live in the illusion of your own ego. That way, you won't know what is coming. You won't know that there are people like me. People who can play the game of life with a far more unfair set of rules.

I'm sure you've had a lot of pain in your life, the cruelest of people always have. Still, you haven't seen the pain as hurtful as the one I'm about to inflict on you.

So enjoy your life while it's still peaceful. While you can still relish it, dancing on the ashes of my happiness.

Before the puppeteer and the puppet switch places and before an unimaginable amount of suffering hits your way, make the most of right now.

Maybe the fear of revenge stops others from experiencing this kind of pain, my pain. Maybe you'll learn that you can either treat people like human beings or suffer the consequences of using them to feed your own self-esteem.