hi everyone today i going to show you more things about me.

Let's go !

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Nickname and age ? Ocรฉane and I'm 20

Meaning behind my username ? this is the username of my fashion blog (https://modebeautelifestyleweb.wordpress.com/)

When did i join whi and why ? I know whi for 5 years now I think and I love this sharing that there are the articles, the inspirations that we find and I started writing articles for a few months and I love it

My closet online friends ? nobody ^^

Someone from online that i'd date ? nobody

My relationship with my parents ? Good. We need to enjoy the little moment who the life give

My current relationship status ? In love to my boyfriends

What i find attractive in other people ? how they dress (not like everyone else), kindness, respect, sociability and all the other good things

Turn on or Tunr off ? Both

Idea of a perfect date ? it's quite prejudiced but an invitation to a good classy and charming Chinese restaurant

Someone i love ? My family, my boyfriends and my bestfriend

My bff ? she don't have whi

Photo of myself ? you can see my profile picture

My zodiac sing ? Lion

Tattoos or piercings ? tatoos

Color of my socks ? black like everyday

How i feels right now ? so tired

What did yesterday ? I watched a horror movies

Somethings i'm talented ?i play guitar

Somethings i really really want ? become an influential blogger because I love to write and share what I love with people who think like me

Three things that annoying me easily ? people who not humor and who are stuck / when my guy takes an hour to answer a message ah ah / take transport like plane and train

Three fears ? clown, clown and CLOWN ah ah

Three things i love ? Eating, fitness, music

Three habits that i have ? I read during the trips, I always leave my window open and that's all

Three things that make me happy ? the sun, the sport and being with the people I love

My favorite youtuber and blogger ? Chiara Ferragni, Caroline receveur, Lena situations and Sananas.

My favorite store ? Forever 21

My favorite food ? Pizza and sushi

My favorite film ? Harry Potter and means girl

My favorite song ? Perfect by Ed sheeran

Last song i listened ? Havana Camilla Cabello

My favorite animals ? all animals

My futur goal ? Being a great person

Number of kids i want ? 2

A confession ? I am a big person who stress every time

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