First, what is an Empath or a highly sensitive being?

These people are like sponges, they literally walk into a room of people and soak up all the energies both good and bad. Not to say they are like vampires, they are just able to feel things on a whole different levels. They are like filters, they filter the negative emotions in the air and from people. Just by them being in a room they probably helped you in releasing emotions that you may have pushed way down.

Now this is indeed not an easy trait to have, we've all probably been encountered with that person who is a 'total crybaby' or who just feels too much and gets riled up easily.
And it can be misleading if you only use your eyes when looking at these people, you may see them and think, wow, what a crybaby! or you may think they are weak or too soft.
But! This is all a big misunderstanding!

These people are far from being weak, in fact they are one of the strongest people you will meet. Next time you come across someone like this, don't just use your eyes, use your heart. Wonder to yourself, what is that person really feeling? We should all strive to be more sensitive, this is what is needed for peace on earth.

Speaking of feelings, because they are like sponges and they take on everyone's energy on themselves, this can be heavy on them. They don't know which of these feelings actually belong to them. For e.g. if they encounter someone who seems happy but is actually sad on the inside, the empath instantly feels sad, even if they are having a pleasant conversation.
They literally feel for you.

It's part of their mission here, like I talked about before with the Earth Angels (link below), they are all different but the trait they all share is their sensitivity and their empathic abilities.
This is a wonderful power to have, yet it means the empaths may have had hard lives because they literally take everyone's emotions on themselves. They feel for the collective.

A lot of empaths may not even know they are empaths.
When I was young, I used to be moody or tired but mostly, moody AND tired 90% of the time. My parents even thought there was something wrong with me.
I was moody especially around lot of people, even with family. Even in photos I didn't smile, I just looked like I wanted to get out of there lol
To the ordinary eyes, you would just think that's just an unhappy kid, but this kid, is filtering all the negativity in the air.

But that's why doing a little soul searching is important for us all, it's easy for others to tell us what they think or the thing I hear the most is, Go to your Doctor!
And when you go they prescribe you with medicines, that you probably didn't even need in the first place and these medicines in fact go on to cause damage to your beautiful bodies.
For e.g. once I was suffering from constipation and dry skin and I went to the doctor. Keep in mind why I went there.
When I got there she took a few looks at me and suddenly came to the conclusion that I was depressed and wanted to prescribe me with anti-depressant. And of course I refused that!
After a few years of doing some soul searching, I realised I belonged to the group of Incarnated Mermaids (link below), all those traits were These dryness was normal for me, all I needed was to drink a lot more and take out dry foods from my diet. You see how something so simple can be turned around? Don't let people decide for you, get to know yourself better, you'll find the most beautiful of things :)

Some empath traits:

  • Feels tired most of the time, especially after being around a lot of people.
  • May feel irritated being around a certain type of people (especially those who are not showing their true feelings) or again in a crowd.
  • Moody a lot. (the reason for the moodiness, is that because they feel so much, imagine having like 10 different emotions inside you at once, of course it's going to be frustrating, especially when you don't know which of those emotions you are suppose to feel.
  • Need a lot of alone time to replenish your energy.
  • May get angry and sad easily, sometimes out of nowhere.
  • Extra sensitive, to stressful situations, for e.g. if they are shouted at, or during an argument. They may burst into tears, get really angry or just not know how to react because they literally feel it all at once, that it leaves their bodies in shock.
  • When they are sad, they are sad, but when they are happy, they are happy, wholeheartedly.

Tips and healing for empaths:

It easy to confuse other people's emotion with your own, to the point where you don't know who you are and what you truly feel. This is especially the case if you are in a relationship, because you are able to feel more than the average person, you may take up your partner's emotions and even desires sometimes.

And the advice here, is to be alone and no I don't mean break up with your lover. I mean ask for some alone time, this is crucial for your health. If you keep giving your energy too much, you will burn out and have no energy for yourself. So spend some time by yourself, do what you want and don't feel guilty about it. If you do then ask your angels to remove this guilt.


  • Go for a walk in nature alone.
  • Spend time doing nothing with yourself, talk to yourself. (and no it's not crazy to talk to yourself, what people don't realise is that by talking to yourself, you are talking to your higher self. Try practicing, all the knowledge you need, your high self has all the answers to it. Talk to yourself, get in touch with your heart, get out of the mind and get into the heart, that's where your real self is)
  • Go crazy and dance around your room. Dancing is a good way of cleansing your body from the energy that has attached themselves to you. Literally shake those energies off!
  • Light some incense or sage, waft it around your being to clear your aura.
  • Take a long shower, to wash away all those emotions. Taking salt baths are good for clearing too, just make sure you leave the tap running, running water is best to clear energy, if the water is still it won't allow the energy to flow away.
  • Carry crystals, Black tourmaline and black crystals are good for protection against negative energies. Quartz are good for everything, talk to your crystals and ask them to protect you. Crystals are more than their beauty, they are here to help you, treat them with love and talk to them, they will respond by helping you and protecting you.
  • Cry, laugh, get angry. Do what you need to shed all those emotions out of you. Emotions are nothing but energy, you need to let it flow out of you. If you feel this big, angry energy in you, go punch a pillow, scream into your pillow, punch the air, listen to some angry music. If you feel sad, go watch some heart warming films and / or listen to some sad and heart warming songs. Go watch some funny shows, laugh till your cheeks hurt. (personally, I like to listen to sad song, cry it out, then I'll go find something funny to watch, to get my heart back to its natural state of happiness)
  • Get in touch with your spiritual side, that's the best way to do your soul searching
  • Make this your ritual every night and morning too, Light a candle if you can, if you can't it's still ok. Call Archangel Micheal, Ask him to cut all the cords of fear, all the cords that no longer serve you any good. Ask him to protect you in a bubble of white light. (this white light protects against negativity) You can also ask to protect you in a tube of pink light (pink is love, this tube sends love both to you and those around you. Love heals all, all pain, all negativity, all negative emotions.

To be an empath is a wonderful thing, I know it is hard but no everyone has had this quality, it means you have worked hard to be where you are today, you worked hard to gain this power, it's something to be proud about, not something to be angry or ashamed of. If you cry and someone tells you to stop or that you need to be stronger. Ignore it, your crying is helping the world, you know that, even if others don't, doesn't matter, you are living your purpose. I am both thankful and grateful that you are here on earth to help release all the negativity, keep doing what you are doing. And do what makes you happy too! I love you and thank you :)

Some types of Earth Angels:

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