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Mind :

Stay offline one hours for day.

Image by Daniela Nita offline and peace image

Meditate every morning.

meditation image fashion, hippie, and meditate image

Read 20 pages per day.

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Journal every day.

day, every, and diary image Image removed

Get up when you alarm goes off.

alarm, bed, and clock image girl, shy, and white image

Start a gratitude journal.

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Take a self-care day.

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Body :

Walk after lunch or dinner.

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Drink tea instead of coffee/soda.

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exercise for 10 minutes per day.

abs, exercise, and fitness image fitness, workout, and motivation image

Eat more veggies.

food, healthy, and avocado image bread, fit, and fitness image

Try 30 days of yoga.

fitness, health, and workout image fitness, yoga, and workout image

Develop a workout routine.

legs, fitness, and exercise image body, fitness, and girl image

Drink more water.

sana bakkoush, gif, and skam image

30-day squat challenge.

workout, motivation, and squat image Abusive image

Try a new form of exercise.

fitness, workout, and yoga image Image by sara_kriss

Soul :

Get to bed at a rasonable time.

bed, cozy, and girl image bedroom, room, and home image

Explore two new places.

city, explore, and travel image Image removed

Learn something new.

inspiration, korean, and learn image music, black, and guitar image

Declutter your home.

Temporarily removed home decor, house, and photography image

Start one thing you've put off.

magazine, interior, and home image bullet journal, journal, and bujo image

Use natural beauty products.

natural, scrubs, and spa image Temporarily removed

Volunteer for a cause you love.

africa, god, and volunteer image Temporarily removed

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