Hello again, haha. Here I am with the today's song for you, and I hope you will like this too. March is almost ended and these articles will end with it. Sad story...but I will bring you some new stuff if I will find out what can I do. Haha. Let's see this song...

Day 27 - 27/03/18

ballerina and victor image ballerina, movie poster, and leap image ballerina, ballet, and beautiful image animation, anime, and ballerina image
ballerina, victor, and félicie image ballerina, Dora, and film image animation, anime, and awesome image ballerina, film, and félicie image

This was the Ballerina song. I really liked the movie, it was such a great movie. You must see it! But now I go, see you later. Have a good day/night. Be good and never give up! Byeee!

LA, out.