Hey everyone! I know, I do a bad thing that I don't upload yesterday this article for you, but I was in a bad mood, so sorry for thing. But now, here am I and I will upload two songs. I hope you will like it, so let's see it!

Day 26 - 26/03/18

Guys, when I first saw this cute thing, I almost scream (no, just kiddin'), but the song and the anime. OMG! I loved it!

anime, tamako market, and kawaii image anime, tumbler, and snk image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
anime, gif, and tamako market image love image couple and love image couple, love, and aesthetic image

I hope you really like this song too and is you did it, just shmash that heart button or leave a cute reaction. Thank you so much everything, those many hearts and the support. I will do my best in the future. Byeee!

LA, out.