Hello Hearters,

I am not in the mood to talk about happiness today, but I'll try to remember how it felt to be in place in which I found happiness.
I am talking about a strange place in which you can find it, it's just a Starbucks Shop in Sevilla.

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I went to Sevilla in 2016 and every morning I went to a Starbucks for having breakfast. It was March but there was warming sun that filled you of happiness, I swear. During holidays I don't have nothing to think about and spending some time to having breakfast in place with so many people and a good weather around me made me feel like I was in peace with myself and the world,
I wished and still do, to wake me up every morning and go to a Starbucks and spending some hours without thinking, maybe just writing and drinking some choco.
It seems a banal thing to do, something you see in all movies, but the energy of a place, a feelings that you build for yourself. has really a great power for your moode.
Some things don't need to be special for other people, but just for you. And I think that it is special because there aren't Starbucks in Italy, it means that I am in foreign country and that's what I like the most. The people, the language, the atmosphere.
I cant' wait to come back in a new Starbucks for taking a cup and bringing it at home, for taking that feeling with me. I can't wait to feel happy again.

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