Recently this boy broke my heart, he was all I ever wanted at that time. Right now, I'm trying to get over him, reminding myself how much fun it was to be single. To be honest, I miss him and I'd run back to him if he let me. I want to text him every second. I want to say how much I miss him. Should I? No, I shouldn't. My self-respect is bigger than my desire to be with him and enjoy his laughter. As he was breaking mine, he was also breaking his. He loved me, probably still does. I loved him, I surely still do.

He convinced himself that the distance between us made it impossible for us to be in a "real" relationship, whatever that may be. Seeing him only once a week sucked but if that meant I could see him, I'd be totally fine with that. He, he wasn't.

There will be more boys in the future, perhaps even girls, I wouldn't know. More people I'll be crying about and more people I'll be afraid of losing. Yesterday I was crying, the tears running down my face. Today, I might be doing the same but I promised myself, I won't be crying as long as I did yesterday. Tomorrow, I'll be crying even less. In the end I'll get over it because that is what we do, we survive.

We survive the hatred, we survive the fights, we survive the pain, we survive the bad love and we survive the good love that ended. We are warriors, each one of us is fighting his/ her own battle. Learning to love yourself takes time, learning to let go takes time and learning to have a decent amount of self-respect takes time. The good things will come when you are ready, sometimes things are good but they'll end because you deserve so much better than just "good".

I'm in a process of learning, I'll be my whole life and you know, that's okay. It might not always feels like it is, and you might not always feel okay but sometimes you need to learn a lot before you'll be ready to understand what is best for you. It takes time, just like getting over a break-up.

Time, the killer and the healer.