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Hi everybody! This is secretlyagranger and I'm really very excited to write this article and I hope that you people respond and participate!


The amazing @imstudying, U and I (@secretlyagranger) have come up with a new idea, to be called #TheStudyblrChallenge.

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There are many studyblr accounts and great studyblr content on We Heart It, and participating in #TheStudyblrChallenge will give users the oppurtunity and the chance to get their work and their accounts noticed. Also, it is something that we (the organizers of this challenge) and you (the participators of this challenge) will both enjoy.

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So how can you become a participator?

Participating is very easy. Either you go to U (@imstudying) or you go to me (@secretlyagranger) and fill out your application, which should consist of this -

  • Name, age, and country. (We need basic information about our participators.)
  • Why you want to participate. (You should write a paragraph of about 60-80 words or more. Just make sure should fully explain your reason to participate.)
  • Write #TheStudyblrChallenge in your bio after being accepted. (So that people know that you're participating!)
  • If you choose to go out of this challenge, notify the person you applied to. (You can't go out if you have already written an article, made a collection or uploaded images.)

That's it! Whoever you sent your application to will decide whether or not you can participate. The number of people participating can range from 20 - 30, and the deadline is till next Tuesday, 3rd of April when we will decline accepting any participators. Also, following me or U is not important, but I recommend following at least one, or both of us if you want to, so that you can keep up with updates of #TheStudyblrChallenge.

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Now, how can you participate?

Each Tuesday, me or U will be releasing a topic on which you have to upload content. There will be a new topic each Tuesday, which can be anything study related, like school motivation, inspiration, self care etc.

There are three ways to participate -

  • Write an article (Write an article on the given topic, and as there is no fixed value, we would prefer an article with the same amounts of words as these articles.)


  • Make a collection. (Make a collection on the said topic, preferably with 20, 30 or 40 photos. Focus on quality, not quantity.)
  • If you make a collection of images and articles, name the collection #TheStudyblrChallenge or any other name, but this tag must be there for us to reach it. Also tag your images and articles with #TheStudyblrChallenge and # (the said topic.)
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What more?

The prizes are as follows -

  • 3rd Winner.

The third winner will get a shoutout from both of us.

  • 2nd Winner.

The second winner will get a shoutout and a follow from both of us.

  • 1st Winner.

The first winner will get a shoutout and follow from both of us, and a spot in a studyblr squad which will be established shortly after this challenge ends.

The duration is not yet decided, but you have till next Tuesday, 3rd April to apply. On 3rd April, Round 1 will start in which you will upload content related to the topic which we send out. This challenge will probably have 4 to 6 rounds, will run through the whole of April and also maybe June, gapping through May. Also, a new topic and other information will be released each Tuesday, either by me or by U.

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Thank you for reading! I hope you decide to participate. For more info, reach out to me or the wonderful U, @imstudying.


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