I've been doing a lot of challenges lately, I'm addicted. XD
Credits to whoever started this!

Tea or coffee

Image by Natasha Eliza book, books, and coffee shop image
Coffee, always.

Summer or Winter

drink, fashion, and summer image beach, beauty, and fashion image
Summer <3

Sunset or Sunrise

beach, sunset, and beautiful image couple, love, and sunset image
Sunsets are just beautiful.

Cat or Dog

dogs image animals, dog, and puppy image
Cutsie, wubsie :p

Burger or pizza

Temporarily removed food, pizza, and cheese image
Pizza is life.

Night or day

Temporarily removed girl, morning, and paris image
Day, I like mornings' in general.

Coke or pepsi

Temporarily removed coca cola, red, and vintage image

Movie or book

Image removed Image removed
Books are beautiful.

Movies or series

aesthetic, vintage, and retro image car, vintage, and aesthetic image

Sun or rain

rain, sad, and tumblr image rain, light, and street image
I love when it rains during Autumn.

Roses or sunflowers

bouquet, flower, and flowers image Temporarily removed
Roses, sunflowers kinda scare me XD

Boots or sandals

Temporarily removed ankle boots, black, and boots image

Heels or sneakers

Temporarily removed white, adidas, and shoes image
I can't choose :p

Black & white or colors

gigi hadid, model, and black and white image beach, bracelets, and colors image
Again, I can't choose :p

Skirt or pants

fashion, alexis ren, and style image style and outfit image
Loool, both.

Urban or rural

Image by NooraMoon Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Urban, city life is just perfect.

Tan or pale

beach, summer, and girl image girl, jeans, and tumblr image

Leather or denim

jeans, photo, and photograph image aesthetic, denim, and style image
Denim, for sure.

Tattoos or peircings

tattoo, feet, and ink image Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee
Tattoos, I've always wanted one

Guitar or bass

Image by kaylee ♡︎ Temporarily removed
I like piano the best, but guitars over bass.

Introvert or extrovert

beach, boho, and california image girl, friends, and party image
Totes an extrovert.

Wine or beer

wine, red, and drink image Temporarily removed

Freckles or dimples

b&w, black, and blackandwhite image Image removed
I love both but I'd have to say dimples (my best friend has dimples and I fell in love with hers).

Curly or straight hair

Temporarily removed girl, hair, and model image
I'd have to say wavy hair.

Pop or rock

Temporarily removed music, Adele, and lana del rey image
Pop (Ed Sheeran for the win). XD

Hope you liked it!
Byeee :)