Hello, beautiful souls of WHI!🌌
How are you today? Is it all good? I truly hope so. 💙

I really want to be short today, but I find it hard choosing my words since I'm sooo excited 😂 to tell you about two wonderful people and their amazing blogs.

I appreciate and admire them both equaly, but I will begin with...


...because I met her first.

In a previous article, I talked about her selfless, unique desire to be there for others. She created a blog (on a free platform) where people could reach out. Let's take a moment. How beautiful is that?

Wait, that's not all! This girl is serious about her mission. Last night she told me about her new WordPress blog - which is like the real business. It's almost finished, but you can go visit it! Show her some love and support! 💙

BLOG: https://merryshelpblog.wordpress.com

And if there's something troubling you, she'll be there to listen, she'll be there to care.



Make-up products + Cutest pets EVER+ Someone to talk to + Books? SAY WHAT?! What more could you possibly want? 😱😍

Vanessa is such a sweet person, but in the same time, she seems to be very ambitious when it comes to following her dreams.

Visit her blog! Show love and support!

BLOG: https://nessahappyplace2.wordpress.com

This is actually her second blog. I think we should all appreciate the fact that she takes time to translate and spread her positive vibes with people around the world.
If you're interested in her main one, here's the link:

DUTCH version: https://byvanessa.blog


The best way to end this article is with a quote that speaks to me:

If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that.



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