so I was studying for an exam a few weeks ago and now I'm kind of knee-deep in homework, and it's hell stressful. I also have a degree in procrastination which sounds goodish, but is actually really bad. so I thought up (who am I kidding these were definitely thought by other people before me) to make studying easier and less stressful and hopefully make procrastination a little less prominent.


being organised and being in a workspace which isn't messy or overly cluttered is definitely a helpful tip, for me at least. have everything laid out so you can easily get to it and having a sort of arrangement that you understand can definitely help with procrastination and also reduce stress.

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getting dressed

sounds a little weird, but honestly being in pjs isn't very motivating in the terms of studying and assignments. having a shower and getting dressed makes you automatically feel cleaner and more able to focus.

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make a list

sometimes making a list of what you want to achieve or get done in a day or week is helpful. being able to tick off what is completed can make you feel very accomplished (even if its as simple as 'eat breakfast' or 'go for a walk' before all the hard stuff)

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listening to music when doing an assignment or studying is sometimes a big help, although it also depends on the person. rather than listening to loud pop music with a good beat and lyrics that you are going to feel like singing too, try putting on instrumental music with no lyrics or music which has a softer, less intense beat. I literally have a playlist on my phone called 'soft'.

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take a break

after studying for a long time, information goes in one side and out the other. for me, taking a short break and doing something different (not necessarily away from my desk) from studying is effective. like having lunch, going for a walk, watching a youtube video.

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have small snacks, finger food kinda. just have it next to you to eat without losing focus from what you are doing. or have it as a reward, tell yourself "after you get to here on this essay, you can eat". my favourite study snack food are popcorn and berries.

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put away distractions, phones and messages ad things like that. even just putting them on silent or turning off notifications helps you feel more focused.

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my photos started getting kind of irrelevant to what I was saying towards the end but oh well....

thanks for reading, love charlotte