Hello everyone.

After this article, I should be up with the 30 days writing challenge (created by @themermaidwriter). I'll try not to leave them like that, since they're not so many left anymore. But, yeah, life happens when you least expect it. That's my honest excuse.

Day 24 - Make a list of things you always postpone

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(writing daily articles, am I right?)

  • Doing exercise
  • Reading something else than what I have for school
  • Enjoy life
  • Writing to people who care about me
  • Some tasks for my parents

...and probably more.

Only a picture for this one. I'm actually in a rush and I wanna post all of these fast. Sorry.

You can find the previous and next days below, alongside with the collection where I will write all the articles on this challenge.
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Thanks for reading this article!