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Still going with the 30 days writing challenge (created by @themermaidwriter).

Day 22 - Write about a dream you had

Well, a lot of my dreams take place in my old high school, which sucks. Because it's the latest place where I felt lots of emotions and I'm aware I'm just inducing a lot of toxicity to my brain, but it's out of my hands to do something.

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Though I learned that in many cases, whenever I see something random during the day, I dream about it at night.
For example, let's say you see this picture of a dog:

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I usually look at it for maximum 5 seconds, then keep going with my day. Then, at night, when I dream, this dog pops up and do whatever it wants.

No idea why this happens.

I honestly don't have a specific dream in mind to tell you about. Only memories that keep repeating and maybe my dream distortion them in weird ways.

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