Hey everyone!

I decided to make a lookbook today since March is almost over and I haven't done a lookbook for the month yet. This month's theme will be a Baddie Inspired Lookbook since it's the aesthetic that fits me the most at the moment. Hope you guys like it.

♡ Look 1

madison beer and makeup image
fashion, girl, and yellow image plaid pants, adidas sneakers, and green plaid pants image nike, style, and black image Image by midnight memories
Cropped Hoodie | Black Jacket | Plaid Pants | Sneakers | Layered Necklace | Hoop Earrings

♡ Look 2

fashion, style, and white image
bra, dress, and fashion image trackpants, greenred, and luxnoire image bag, comfy, and fashion image fashion, casadei, and chic image
Lace Crop Top | Trackpants | Purse | Heels

♡ Look 3

fashion and red image
bedroom, fashion, and pants image fashion, red, and glasses image red, gucci, and nike image black, camouflage, and girl image
Off Shoulder Crop Top | Camo Pants | Sunglasses | Vibrant Colored Sneakers