Dear beautiful,
When you look in the mirror... Love yourself.
Love your body.
Love your hair.
Love your skin.
Love your eyes.
Love your nose.
Love your blemishes.
Love your flaws.
For what you're looking at in the mirror, that reflection that is staring back at's a one of a kind model.
Nothing else like it in the world.

Dear beautiful,
Ignore the world and it's torments. Ignore the world and the standards they label as "beauty". For beauty is not on face, one body... Beauty surrounds us in different forms, different faces.

Dear beautiful,
You're body is a temple. A beautiful place. Care for it. Love it. Protect it. Every little crack and crevice is what makes you beautiful.
Your are a mosaic. All your passions, dreams, desires, personality, character, all comes together to make one beautiful

Dear beautiful,
You are amazing, your are unique, you are strong, your are able... You are beautiful.