Many mistake love with hatred...

You have a bad experience and then they blame that love is cruel, that love is not kind.
But in reality it is pain and hatred. Love is suppose to be beautiful, not heartbreaking.

"Her unbearable Pain"
She feels as if her chest is being ripped open with a butcher knife while the person she thought she loved, digs there claws into her heart and rips it with there own bare hands. Watching her as she fall to the ground, bleeding horribly.

She was left with pain. She felt horrible, and devastated while thinking so low of herself. She let that man control her life and now she feels like a part of her heart was ripped out from her. She doesn't realize that she doesn't need a man, but only herself.

She's crying in unbearable pain because she cannot believe what has happened to her. She's screaming from the top of her lungs to make the pain go away. She cries to her God to take her life away. But nothing happens. She's left there... in the ground, crying her puffy red eyes out, till theres no more tears left. She's just there... in the floor hugging herself close to feel some sort of warmth that her lover once provided her. But she feels nothing. Coldness is her only friend.

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"Her Burning Hatred"
The girl finally realizes her mistake on relying so heavily on a man she new was no good for her. She rises from the burning ashes she was so deeply consumed by and stands up valiantly.

She cleans her face with cold water and dares life to hit her again, she nows she can take anything that comes her way now. She's stronger, tougher... but she has hatred in her heart. Its consumed with blackness and full of revenge. She thinks she can conquer the world, but we all know that villains never win with hatred and fear by there side... its the kind and righteous that win the battle against evil.

But she's blinded by rage, all she sees is red.

She's thunder and strikes to whom ever comes against her.
She's fire and ready to demolish whom ever comes near her.
She's wind and violently blows whom ever tries to reach her.

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She's broken but she hides it with a serious cold glare that make people tremble at her feet. For days, weeks, months she feeds off the feeling of fear. She consumes the enemy who wishes to do her harm and strikes them with all she has. She's unstoppable.

But does she feel good? Feeding off of this negative energy that only leaves her heart cold as stone. And black as obsidian.

The answer is... No.
She wishes people wouldn't be afraid of her. She wishes she never fell in love in the first place because she believes her false lover made her this cruel. She wishes she wasn't feared by the people who loved her the most. She wishes she was accepted. She wants to be loved. Thats all she wants, but they just don't understand. She's alone, or so she thinks...

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"Passionate Love"
He was walking through the halls of his school when he sees a broken girl with a single tear running through her cheek. He felt tempted to go up to her and swipe that tear away. He heard rumors of her doings but he saw past her actions and new she was hiding inside that cold heart. That beneath it, was was a broken girl that loved so hard she got punished for doing so.

So he walked towards her. He ignored the voices in his head that forbade him to do so. He only saw her and thats all that mattered. His heart beat was beating so fast he swore it was coming out of his chest, his gaze was only on her broken face, and his steps were going faster by the second.

Next thing he new he was in front of her, kneeling down to lift her chin up to wipe the tears away. He grabbed her hand and lifted her up and said,

"I can see though you facade, because deep down inside i know you're broken and deeply wounded... but don't worry, im here to save you my love."

She's shocked and full of surprise that someone would approach her in such a way. But immensely happy that she finally felt a spark in that cold black heart that will soon be filled with red pumping happiness and passion. And her soulmate would be all to blame for her happiness for years and years to come.

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Don"t give up on love, you will find it within yourself first and then in others. Its also ok to find help along the way. We are only human :)

Love, Gen
Thanks for the love and support!!!