Finally! I've decided to start making articles, I want to start talking about me so I can introduce myself properly, and I hope someone of my mutuals/ followers read this and do it too!


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Tartan and denim are the basics to me, always making me feel comfortable, any time of the year

Favorite Places

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I normally prefer quiet places like coffee shops, but if I have the chance to go to a concert, that's the best place to be


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I love writting and collecting various kinds of things, like cd’s and vinyls, magazines or just little things that remind me of good times


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The Love Witch, Your Name, Big Eyes & Trainspotting are not only my aesthetic, I always have something to learn from the storytelling

Series and TV shows

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Sense8, Jessica Jones, Young Justice & Avatar: The Last Airbender. These series never stop amazing me, I've fallen in love with their characters multiple times and I know I'll never stop loving them this much


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(1) I'm very fond of Harry Styles, he's being with me since I was sixteen, I never saw him live with One Direction but I'll be seeing him on June, 2018, so...that's my dream coming true. (2) This year I started to fall in love with St Vincent, I knew her before but just this year I decided to check her music out, her last album, Masseduction, is brilliant. (3) Lana Del Rey has been in my life the same amount of time as Harry, I saw her live in 2016 and it was one of the most emotional two hours of my life. (4) And finally, Wolf Alice, I found them thanks to The 1975 (they're both from Dirty Hit Records) and damn!, I wish I had known them years ago! every kind of sound I've loved all my life took form and it's their music, I don't think I'll get over them any moment in the future.

There's so much more, but of course I would never finish. I'm hoping I can go on writing articles because this one was fun.

Till next time!