Hello everyone!

In this article I will be sharing 13 random facts about myself! Let's get into it.

⇛ one

I reallly don't like mascots or people dressed up in those kind of costumes. Tiny story time: I was walking out of my class and into the main focus area on campus, and our school mascot reached out his hand for me to shake it & I kid you not, my heart sped up so fast & I quickly scurried away lol

⇛ two

I enjoy small get-togethers rather than parties

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⇛ three

I can do the spilts

⇛ four

I'm only 5 ft tall, but I really like standing on my tippy toes to reach for things for some odd reason

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⇛ five

I've been studying Chinese Mandarian for about 2 & a half years! 我的中文名字是那兰。

⇛ six

My favorite show is Psych & I want a friendship like Shawn & Gus

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⇛ seven

One time I fractured my foot & it took like 2 years to heal :/

⇛ eight

I loooove car rides oh my goodness like you don't understand. I like it better when I'm not driving though

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⇛ nine

I've sung many songs in different languages for choir, but my favorite has to be Latin.

⇛ ten

I don't drink anything other than water really, but when I do eat out (which isn't often), I ALWAYS get lemonade to treat myself hah

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⇛ eleven

I really enjoy having "me" time

⇛ twelve

Reading is one of my favorite pass times

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⇛ thirteen

Finding new music & making playlists is so relaxing to me & it makes me so happy when I listen back to what I found. Here's my spotify if wanna check out my playlists!


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Until next time, Alana.