hi guys! here are some great airport hacks that are super helpful if you're a frequent flyer... and i'm not talking about paper.

+ bring your own spare ziploc bags! the TSA requires you to put your liquids into separate bags, so it's a good idea to bring spare in case you lose one or one gets ripped!

+ freeze liquids! you really have to freeze it til it's as hard as a rock in order to pass, but still, it's good for long flights!

+ bring your own snacks! the ones at the airport are super expensive.

+ bring an empty water bottle, because water is super expensive too! just fill your water bottle up in the bathroom or in the watering fountain.

+ take a nap at the airport! not really suggested, but you could! some places even offer sleeping pods, but good luck finding one!

+ pick the checkpoint farthest to the left. if you hate waiting, just go to the line farthest to the left, which is statistically the road less traveled.

+ don't be afraid to ask for free things! maybe the flight attendant will bump you up because you tell him/her it's your birthday! you never know...

+ wear your heavy items! wear them past security, then take them off in the bathroom.

+ fly late night! avoid packed airports by picking a flight after 10 PM. most of us are night owls anyways...

+ collect unused hotel toiletries. if you don't use one of the cute lil bottles of shampoo, keep them for the next time you fly!

+ invest in a laptop case! you'll be asked to remove your laptop from your luggage anyway, so make sure it's convenient to pull out.

+ always check for free wifi! rule of anything, really.

+ wear your glasses if you have them. often when on a plane, your eyes will get kinda dry, so it's better to just wear them instead of contacts.

+ bring a sweater! it can get cold on the plane so it's best to bring one just in case.

+ bring wet wipes! you never know when those allergies decide to hit you up or you just need to feel clean.

+ check airport real-time conditions. make sure to check out what's going on at the airport before you arrive!

+ decorate your luggage handle! if you don't want a bright luggage, just decorate the handle with a bright bow or something that will catch your attention immediately!

+ carry a portable charger! there might be charge stations, but come on, those are always full! so, when in doubt, have a portable charger!

+ skip the taxi! sometimes it's cheaper to use a community bus service or even uber.

+ download offline google maps. sometimes there's no wifi and that means no maps! or even screen shot maps in case...