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Why when people say something insulting, they always add "no offense" at the end?

We're all a little crazy. Just some better hide it

- Mutation? - I said. - Are we mutants now?
- Do not tell Marvel. They will sue us

Life is too short

- You are dangerous as a kitten
- Kitten?
- Kitten Assassin

Freaks rule the world

The truth will catch up with you anyway. Anyway

You're a girl, Mara. Blessed and Damned

You never know what a person will do for his own benefit.

She tried to create Noah, but Jude came out

Even when all the others turn their backs on you, there will always be a family with you.

Each gift has its own price

Mara is your weakness, and you are her

The villain is the hero of his story

Beware of your desires

Ask the wrong question and get an unnecessary answer

As if you are an ocean and he desperately wants to drown

Do not look for peace. Search for passion

Our worst enemy is ourselves

They say that each hero needs his villain, the angel - the demon, the god - the monsters.

No one can resist his love.

I would rather live with you today than I can live with anyone else.

People swarm around us, but it feels like we are alone in the sea of ​​beating hearts and breathing lungs.

This is a love story. Confused and abnormal. Problem and insane. But it is ours. This is us.