Hi there beautiful hearters, this is my first article and since I can't say anything to anyone about my crush I decide to express myself here. This is tough for me so here I go....

I will be 20 this year and I've never had a BF before, and it is okay for me, I have been living my life to the fullest and I understand that you can not push love, also, I've learn about me more being alone that in a relationship, buuuut this year is so different...for me is normal to talk with my friends about guys like Zack Efron you know hot boys, good-at-look boys, no about uni classmates, I mean since second semester in uni I've never had a crush and that crush was ridicusli, I never found a datable-guy that fits with me, this fucking semester I am a crazy girl with a crush and let me say IT'S A HELL!
We are seeing each other in class and when he is not looking at me I look at he and viceversa and I realize after a few times that I catch him, but he never talk to me and I just can not be 100% sure if I liked him but hell yeah I like him.
Is a hell when I am on the bus, watching t.v, in the mall or anywhere and just thinking about he, I do not know if he likes me, if he is gay, if he is in a relationship, if he is just....IDK there are a million thoughs in my head since I meet him, I mean, everything is cool with a crush when your crush is an actor of that uni guy so perfect and you can talk dirty behind his back, but a crush is not cool when that crush starred at you in the same way that you starred at him, is not cool when you are walking in front of your crush and his friend and they talk about you and you listen the half of the conversation and yes! they're talking about you, it's not cool when you are wondering what is he thinking when he see you, it's not cool when you are thinking the half of your day in he and not in something important like YOU, it's not cool when you're wondering if you're pretty enough to he or for any guy, that is not cool because you start doubting about you and let's be honest when things go so far you are hurting yourself with all those doubts and thoughs trying to understand what is happening if this crush has a future? Agh!

I'm writing because this week is holy week and I have a "break" and I don't think in my crush as much as I though, which is good, but I have this constant though of stalk his facebook page since my friends give me that idea, and I said "no" but I'm seriouly thinking in do it.
Reality is that the semester will end and he will forget me and as soon as things come I will be on a plane to the States, that's the reality, if he don't have the courage to talk me....I don't think I could do it.

Thanks for reading, I know maybe it's kinda boring but if you have advices that will be great.