If you're reading this, you are probably struggling. Maybe you've been resting with something really difficult for a while and pain gnaws at you day after day and you feel like you're at the end of your fucking rope.

Maybe it's anxiety or depression, a rough home life, being bullied in school. Maybe you're lonely. Whatever it is that you're struggling with, listen up.

This is not your final destination. Your present is not your end result. Life is not perfect but it's not going to be this dreadful ache or numbness forever. But you have to try. Continue to persevere with strength. Listen to uplifting music. Be the kind one. The brave one. And you keep fighting that battle. You fight until it's won and you can breathe again. But don't you dare give up, kid. It's not an option.

I once heard a quote on the amazing show, Queer Eye. The quote referred to flowers. Bobby says, "Sometimes when you're feeling buried, you're just planted." Remember that, you aren't buried, you are a flower ready to bloom. You are planted.

Imagine you are a character in a book. This anxiety, this pain, is the same as so many characters in the beloved pages of books. They have the same struggle, and right when they want to give up, they persevere. That is what you must do. Persevere. Fight. Be like the characters in the books.

I am always here to talk if you want to message me, I will message back. If you're lonely, I will be a friend. If you need some coping mechanisms, I have a toolbox of them!

Please remember that there is hope for you. When it feels dim and bleak, when you think it's not even worth it anymore, remember that it is. You are worth it. Don't let the darkness win.

I love you all and please be strong, tall, proud, and kind, my lovelies!

-Willow XX