Hey y'all lovely people! So, I know it's super late into March but you guys seemed to enjoy my February K-pop playlist so hopefully you enjoy March's.

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1. Nct 2018 - Empathy Album: This album is beautifully produced and gives a wide variety of themes so it fits your kind of style easily.
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2. Suzy- Sober: This is a catchy song that has a nice rhythm to it and is good to listen to with any mood.
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3. Like You- Hoody: This song came out in 2016 but it's really good and has a nice r&b vibe to it.
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4. CLC- Black Dress: Okay not going to lie whatever concept that CLC does is good and people need to stop sleeping on these lovely girls and listen to their music.
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5. Weki Meki- La La La: Okay so I know not everyone is going to like this song but trust me if you listen to it enough it will be amazing.

Hope you enjoyed and feel free to message me if you guys have music for me to listen to love y'all!