I keep telling myself that I'm insane that this whole thing is insane. I've met you on vacation, you're blue eyes met mine and I was blown away by you. You were so open about everything, about yourself, about life and me. We've talked for hours about struggling with alcohol, life and ourselves. We started walking to the beach and the vodka in your water bottle felt like medicine. I haven't drunk in a long time, but because you were older and so good looking I felt like I needed to be drunk to find confidence. "You have no idea how cute you look when you smile" "I honestly don't think I've ever seen so beautiful eyes in my life" Even though I blushed I didn't fall for it. Boys like you are always the same. With your blue eyes and perfect bone structure. I saw a beautiful man but no soul behind it... Until you started talking about your life and your past. Actually, I never thought that I could have so much in common with another human begin. Suddenly you looked at me and said: "I really wanna kiss you right now" And without missing a beat you took my face in your hands and stared into my eyes. I thought I was better than kissing a boy I've just met 3 hours ago... boy was I wrong.
You looked like the perfect guy.
Well, If you could have waited ten minutes. I was gone for 10 minutes and you ran back to your ex.
Maybe I'll never learn it. And while I was giving my attention to the wrong boy, I hurt the one who really liked me.
So I bought some more liquor and got wasted by the ocean.

Old habits really die hard don't they?