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Talking about weight is complicated for me, when i was little some kids bully me cause i was "too fat" and also i have some stains in my teeth ( when they grown up they came with that) and some of them are yellow ,not all because like two years ago i went to the dentist and they fix my front teeth ,so this kids have some "material" for me.
But i'm talking about weight,when i was like ten years old a girl literally call me "bowling ball" , yeah, i know what you thinking (or not) that girl was such an idiot ,but wasn't only her .That makes me insecure and when puberty came on...Sh*t.

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My friends are all skinny and they always complaining about the small clothes cause they are "way too big for me" and i'm like wtf dude,you can bought a cute bra , i have to stay just with white and black ,and they are for grannies!

changing of subject, i think i've never in my life wear a bikini or crop tops, may now i can,cause this things about loving yourself (wink) and stuff ,but in my country most people judge for everything .And some people including my family thinks the skinny is synonymous of pretty and that's is pure crap.

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I think the whole world is beautiful ,sometimes you will think the you are not , cause that happen to me a lot ,but i mean you are beautiful,when i was a kid i saw people in the streets and think how beautiful they are , i was wonder if when i grow up i will be like them and in some point, i say F*ck yeah, i am f**king beautiful.
After read this article,please go to the closest mirror look at you and say that , is really helpful.

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Now, putting all together means that we all have some things the we hate about us, but we can't change this things , you have to accept yourself ,cause you are beautiful just the way you are(aka copying bae Bruno) and that will take us to the most important part:
booom!Give me five and fists.

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Love you with all my heart , Val