Bonjour lovely hearters! Today I am back with a new article. Even though it is not quite April yet, lol. But I couldn't wait because these songs are absolutely amazing and need some love <3

โ™ฅ The Driver Era- Preacher Man

ross lynch, rocky lynch, and the driver era image ross lynch, aesthetic, and r5 image
If you are familiar with R5 and Ross Lynch, then this song is for you! I stumbled on this on Youtube a few days ago. Ross's voice here sounds very powerful and the lyrics are interesting :)

โ™ฅ Lost In Japan- Shawn Mendes

Image removed Image by Alie.
This song gives me major Justin Timberlake vibes. Very cool, innocent, yet sexy and playful tune. Shawn never disappoints.

โ™ฅ In My Blood- Shawn Mendes

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A powerful tune with lyrics that you can easily relate to. Gorgeous song.

โ™ฅ Pink Lemonade- James Bay

james bay and james bay music image james bay image
Fun,upbeat and catchy tune!

โ™ฅCity Boy-Calpurnia

Image by kiabeth.s finn wolfhard, finn, and stranger things image
Finn Wolfhard's band!! Hello Stranger Things! So I don't know too much about them yet, but hey! Here's a start :) Needless to say they are quite impressive!

โ™ฅ Over My Head- Echosmith

bands, echosmith, and sydney sierota image bands, rock bands, and echosmith image

Love this band. FINALLY they have put out new music :)

โ™ฅ Alright that is all for now! Until next time. <3 take care :)