If you thought your summer was gonna be awesome this year, this list is guaranteed to make it 1000 times better. This summer a lot of major artists are going to be gracing us with there music as they go on stadium/venue tours across the country. Here is a list of singers/bands you can't miss seeing this summer.

1. Harry Styles

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It would be a shame if you were to miss this glorious creature perform live! His USA tour kicks off June 5th in Dallas Texas! Don't miss it!

2. Panic! At The Disco

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Not gonna lie, this is my favorite band of all time. I saw them in concert the summer of 2016, the best day of my life, honestly, truly. For this tour Haley Kiyoko will be joining him, this'll be one for the history books! His tour kicks off July 11th in Minneapolis, general tickets go on sale this weekend on March 30th!

3. Thirty Seconds To Mars

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I'm pretty sure most of you know of the immortal human being that is Jared Leto, but did you know he was in a band?! I've been a fan of his music for years now! If you like pop rock music this is definitely a good band to go see! There USA Tour starts June 9th, Walk The Moon and Misterwives will also be joining him!

4. Vans Warped Tour

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Every year this amazing tour takes place with punk rock artist performing live for there fans! It's probably the most energetic music festival ever. If you love rock music this is a must. Every punk rock artist you can think of will most likely be performing. The USA Warped tour starts June 21st in Pomona, California!

5. Arctic Monkeys

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They have been popular in the UK for years but rose to fame in 2013 with there single, Do I Wanna Know. They are officially coming out with new music and making a comeback very soon. I honestly couldn't be more excited! There USA tour kicks off June 14th at Firefly Festival in Delaware.

6. Charlie Puth

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This smol bean just wants Attention. See what I...did there...Anyway! He's going on tour with the one and only Hailee Steinfeld and it's gonna be epic! His USA Tour kicks off Jully 11th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

7. Beyonce & Jay-Z

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You'd have to be insane to not want to see the Queen on tour. They are literally royalty! The On The Run Tour II in the USA starts July 25th in Clevland, Ohio.

8. Fall Out Boy & Machine Gun Kelly

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I love them both. I'm sure most of you know FOB and MGK by now, if not, what rock do you live under?! Lol, this is an interesting combination but I think it'll be absolutely epic! Must check it out. There USA tour starts August 29th in Uniondale, NY.

Bonus: Ed Sheeran

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Okay, so, Ed spoke out recently saying he was engaged and possibly when he starts a family that he will, most likely, STOP MAKING MUSIC. The ginger pop will be coming back to the USA for part 2 of his Divide Tour starting August 18th in Pasadena, California! Please buy your tickets while you can, while he's still touring. This is a bonus because a lot of the dates will be in September.

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