1) Being distracted by anything every 5 minutes.

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Something happens when we study, anything becomes a thousand times more interesting than the notebook where you have your notes. The phone, the laptop, a tablet, television, even the walls are more interesting when it comes to studying.

2) Do stupid calculations.

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"I have 3 hours to study and learn 300 pages, or I can sleep and tomorrow I wake up two hours before, read a page every 40 seconds and I'll finish right in time for the exam ..." Doing this is just a waste of time and you know it.

3) Sort the site where you will study.

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I dont mean to make space, its so much our refusal to study, that we put everything millimeter-wise, either by size, color, date on which we buy it, etc. The thing here is to make time.

4) Visit the refrigerator.

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You know by heart what you will find in it, even so you keep going around every 5 minutes to see if you want to eat something. You also know that eating will only make you sleepy and that will make the agony of studying even more painful.

5) You investigate how your friends are going.

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You send messages, Whatsapp, you make groups to talk with everyone at the same time, you publish and tag them on Facebook, organize video calls; Anything to know if they have already started studying.

6) Underline as if the highlighter was possessed.

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They tell us to underline the most important thing, but 300 pages later, the leaves are already painted with your highlighter

7) Compete to know who is worse.

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It seems that you compete with your friends saying; "I'll die tomorrow, I dont know anything," and the other, "No, I will die first, I dont even have my notes."

8) You think about the time you lost.

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You think about all the time you wasted thinking about nonsense and getting even more blue . It's already night, you have less time to study, you die of sleep and you have no pretexts to continue postponing it, is there anything sadder?

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