This is for 11+ if you are under 11..please...go to youtube :)
I'm not a expert but I do know a few tricks to make-up and beauty:)

1.Use AWM Acne Wash and Moisterizer. That way you can get all dat nasty dirt off your face and to prime it a bit.

2.Do not use your mother effing fingers to apply foundation.It's going to end up messy and..ugly.Use either a sponge or more peferably ..a makeup brush from your local store.

3.If you are under 13 and can't wear a lot of makeup...just go with lipgloss and a lil mascara.

4.Speaking of mascara...use only one layer to apply.I'm pretty sure you dont want those crusty looking eyelashes XDXD dont use it :) To make the Purrfect cat eye..use a bobby pin and hold it up to your eye and fill it in a bit .You have a shape now but now you have to even out the edges a bit .If you need more help ..go to Youtube or a makeup artist hehe eyebrows are thick but not filled in .I know nothing about eyebrows thought XDXD

7.Blush...dont use a lot.My friend did and she ended up looking like a bright pink cherry.Go along with the cheek a bit.Lightly.

8.First off you are so beautiful and sexy the way you are Embrace it...please don't end up like Danielle Cohn who is actually more known for sexualizing herself and lying about her age.