I believe everyone has a certain shape and size and this article is in NO means to change your body, it's so maintain a healthy body and some tips if you would like to loose weight. I believe every human is beautiful :)

What I Eat in a Day


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Usually in the morning I eat eggs and toast with water or orange juice.


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For lunch I usually get acai bowls from my local restaurant or I will make a sandwich.


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Usually for dinner I have pasta, salads, sushi. These food give you nutrients and it always makes me feel good when I eat healthy.

Tips on how to maintain weight:

Green tea:

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I am a FIRM believer in tea! They can have healing and calming effects and can also help you boost your metabolism. Hot tea works after every meal.

Balance Meals:

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Maintaining portion control is HUGE in maintaining your weight. Watch what you eat and watch HOW much you do eat.

Don't forget to SPLURGE:

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Honestly, it is OK to eat sweets sometimes, we are all guilty of it! Life is too short not to eat GOOD food!