Thirteen stupid facts about this girl

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1 | I'm in love with my boys of 1D

one direction image one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image boy, boyfriend, and happy image one direction, Harry Styles, and niall horan image
one direction and gif image
I love them so much, they are my other family no matter if they are a band o a soloists i'll always love them. I'm so proud of be in this fandom

2 | I'm a cat lover

cat, cute, and animal image cat, kiss, and cute image cat, cake, and animal image cat, girl, and animal image

3 | I'm in love with the art and draw (although I don't make very well like others)

art, drawing, and girl image art, van gogh, and starry night image art, garden, and claude monet image art, flowers, and drawing image

4 | I'm a little bit bilingual (Also I want to learn more languages)

wine, red, and drink image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Vogue rouge and bouche image

5 | Forrest Gump is my favorite movie ever

chicago, forrest gump, and navy pier image quotes, shit happens, and forrest gump image 1990s, 90s, and blue image forrest gump, quotes, and tom hanks image

6 | My Birthday it's on April 8th

white, balloons, and birthday image champagne, drink, and party image aesthetic, awesome, and birthday image balloons, white, and gold image

7 | I Talk a lot with myself always (i'm not crazy lol)

peach, aesthetic, and peachy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed peach, aesthetic, and theme image

8 | My hair is dark blonde and wavy

Temporarily removed autumn, beauty, and blonde image girl, hair, and summer image aesthetic, car, and theme image

9 | With my Friends we try to make very cool and creative potos

Mature image girl, friends, and friendship image girl, friends, and friendship image fashion, girls, and friends image

10 | I love the photography

photography, girl, and camera image bambi, indie, and kawaii image city, paris, and travel image girl, friends, and summer image

11 | I don't like coffee

fashion, beauty, and style image coffee, milk, and tea image aesthetics, fashion, and food image Image removed

12 | I want a tattoo or a piercing

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13 | I very like the mystery

moon, night, and sky image Temporarily removed light, black, and dark image nails image

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