Long distance friendship and how to make it easier

Having your best friend away is a very difficult thing to go through since you don’t experience anymore the physical things you were used to. You can’t hug nor kiss them, you can’t go out for a drink nor just hung out. If you also live in different time zones is even worse due to the difficulties of arranging to talk. You realise you can get homesick of people as well, and then, the only thing you want to do is to teleport yourself to them. They simply become your hardest goodbye and favourite notification. When they are not around the days are just too long because of their absence, while you wish they were where you are just for five minutes. It doesn’t matter if your best friend is living on the other side of the country or the universe, you still have to make some changes in your personal life in order to keep your friendship. The level of connection you used to have with that person can change quite easily; but there are a lot of things you can do in order to keep that friendship alive and not destroying it. Here is where you can apply that friendships do not need daily conversations, doesn’t always need togetherness because as long as the relationship is alive in the heart true friends will never be apart. If you want to learn about the ways I try to keep up with my best friend abroad, keep reading.

Set realistic goals about your friendship:
Set your goals according to your situation and schedule, if you don’t have different time zones then you can have a more balanced communication, if not, then you will have to adjust more things. Yet, you have to accept that the person you call your best friend is not in close by; you can’t for example call them announcing to them that you are in their front door, so you will become very familiar with your laptop and phone screens. You may need to wake up weird hours just so you can have a 30 minute video call with them so you can hear their voice and laughter.

Make social media your best friend:
Whenever you see their stories on instagram answer to them and comment on their latest photo upload. It’a a great opportunity to have a Snapchat strike by sending your pictures to each other with good mornings and goodnights. You can also create a form of communication by tagging or sending to each other on memes. This way you are showing your effort to keep your friendship in the same level it used to be, while showing them that you think about them throughout the day. My greatest tip for this sector though, is actually to find out each others’ schedules and arrange video calls via FaceTime and Facebook, at least once a week. If you like the same show, arrange to watch it at the same time or make the same dinner, too. These video calls will help you discuss your issues, say the things that happened during the week, joke with each other as well as having the most face to face touch possible.

Be there for your friend:
There are a lot of different reasons why you are separated from your friend, in my cases the reasons are higher education and the Erasmus program. Those reasons though, should not be good enough to let your friends go through staff alone. You have to let them know, both by saying it and applying it in every chance, that you may not always be there with them but you will always be there for them. IF they are having a hard time to adjust, go through a lot of stress due to academic commitments or exams, or maybe they are troubled with something, you have to be there for them. You can arrange another an extra video call or if its that difficult you can discuss it via messages, but you should never let them go through their situation alone.

Do not get jealous:
Being far away while trying to communicate is hard enough. When you see your friends photos with other people you should be happy and proud that she/he found people to hand out. Having people around is very important and you can’t keep someone in a cage because you don’t want other people to be around your best friend. There are going to be times that your friend will need a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on. There are people that can offer that physicality and that suppose to make you feel that your friend is safer. No one has time for jealousy and such behaviour will probably estrange your friend from you. Just don’t bother with these things, but rather stay focused on keeping your friendship in the same level you left it.

Hope this article will be helpful and improve your friendship <3
Kisses xx