I want to be a star. I literally mean a star. A type of astronomical object consisting of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its own gravity. Stars are everything I'll never be. They are beautiful, so beautiful people are inspired by them and write poems and songs about them. Everyone who's ever lived on Earth has looked at the sky and seen the stars, at least once, and that's so many damn people. They've seen Aristoteles, Mozart and Cleopatra.

People confide in them, reveal their deepest secrets to them, and even wish for what they want. These amazing heavenly bodies live for such a long time, and they get to see so many things happen. Stars are so far away one from each other, but so close at the same time, and they are never alone in the sky. Always in the company of each other. They have their own light, and they always shine, even long after they die.

Because stars are remembered, and their death is just another motive to shine, be admired and create more of their own, to continue their legacy and beauty.

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