Well I decided to do this because I like to meet new people and well have a convo and all that jazz. So if you find me interesting and well easy going don't hesitate :)

Shout out to whoever created this <3


I would like to stay anonymous, not because I'm scared to give my name or anything, if we talk of course I'll give my name, but there's something about the secrecy I have in We Heart It that I like :)

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Actually won't give this out. Because same thing as my name. I would say it but I honestly hate my location and it is as if I am embarrased where I live. I know I am being very closed but honestly I'm not.

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Age and Sign

17 and Pisces :)

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Trying to live each day happy without falling apart

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What am I looking for in a friend?

I guess just someone nice and outgoing, who is available to talk with me. Share interests and be herself or himself.

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What type of music do I like?

Any type. Honestly I ran out of what to hear. I listen to almost anything. Music is life bro.

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Here is my music tag. If you want to know more.


I watch a lot of movies. Movies are my passion, I think I watch a movie everyday. I love writting also, I wanted to be an author, people say I'm kinda good doing this, but I like it more as a hobbie. I also take photographs, obsess with that, and well scrolling through social media too. Typical normal girl here.

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Favorite Book

Uff man, All the Bright Places, that shit hit me like a ton of bricks. I could honestly write a novel out of all I gotta say of that book, it was just amazing. My copy is worn out out of all the anotations and finger prints and post its and well...tears.

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Finch take me with you.

Favorite Movie

Like I said I like a lot of movies and never actually thought I would have a favorite but I was wrong. Hands down my favorite movie is About Time. Because that movies has it all man, I cried and all and I don't even think it's a movie for crying. Anyway I love it, never tiered of it to be honest.

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Favorite TV Series

I have a lot. I've watch a couple of good tv series. I don't have a favorite tho, because I like most of them for different reasons but here's my top 5. They don't have specific order

  • Riverdale
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I was never into like Teen Wolf or your know that stuff, I did watch it but it never hit me as hard as Riverdale did. I am on date with the show and I never miss an episode and it's just so good.

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And like...I mean...them.
  • Glee

I watch this ages ago. And well Glee maybe it's because I'm into music and musicals and this show is all about that and it's focus on real teen problems and diversity, and like I'm a fan. I've watch this one like 5 times, I love it.

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  • Stranger Things

I'm basic but come on as if you haven't watch it and admited it's good. I finish each season in one day. It's 80's af, you have to love it and ugh is just so gooood. That's all I have to say about that.

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  • Friends

Do I even need to explain this one?

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So no one told you life was gonna be this way clap *clap* Clap
  • The Simpsons

I don't know if this one is taken as a tv show or as a cartoon but meh, same shit. I know a lot of people don't like it but I quite enjoy it, I find it funny and entretaining and there's a reason why they keep doing episodes.

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Lisa is a role model

Three Things I Hate

I hate people who think they are better than others, people who judge others and Jerks

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What Do I Find Myself Arguing About Frequently?

School because I hate it and well what else is there to complain about. I dislike my teachers and most of the people in my school are close minded and I dislike that.

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Prefered Form of Communication

Texting. I do texting most of my day. I just believe I express myself better in words than speaking out loud. Also entretains me and I can do it while doing other things. Multitasking girls.

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I guess that's all! So if you want to talk and get to know each other DM :) I am open.

If you want to know more about me I've done this other tags about myself that might give some more info.

I also have this collection that well it's about myself (damn I sound so greedy)

That's it. :) Loads of love!