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So, nowadays every girl or boy is kinda obssesed with their looks. "Should I go to gym, maybe training basketball or soccer (football), no, no, karate etc."
HOW TO CHOSE? That's a important question. One of my fave sports is definitely gymnastics! <3 I'm literally in love with it! :-D At my younger age I didn't have much interests on training anything but that changed when I grow a little bit older. Now, I'm 19 and realised if you want to look good but most importantly, FEELING GOOD, you have to do sports, have an active part of your busy school/work day and take a time for yourself. Taking your free time is first of all important 'cause you'll fill better about your being, your mind, body, relax at the same time and feel much, much happier. I can guarantee you that. ;-)
How did I "fall in love" with the gymnastics? For a while, I took my younger sister to training she had three times a week. I watched her perform various acrobatics and what they did there in the course of the training. They had stretching exercises and flexibility, along with music exercises (on-the-floor exercise), double-sided loop, leap, etc.

In time, it became a little hard for me to constantly take her to training, and then I had an idea "Why should’nt I go and train with her?" And that's how it all started. I loved something I never expected to love. I considered any kind of dealing with sports too hard and taking away my free time. Of course I did not do anything useful for that free time that I had. I spent most of my time playing games, but I never let the phone out of my hands. That led me to insanity. I trained one and a half years, then I stopped. They had to renovate that hall where we trained. They have not been renovated yet. And almost two years have passed since then. Unfortunately, Serbia is not so "rich" country, and even less my little city. But that did not stop me from hoping to be better. I am currently studying the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education and within the elective subject I got a gymnastics! My happiness was endlessly! Today we had a test and I can boast that I have successfully passed it.
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