Hey Hola Eae, I came back with a tag about random facts about me haha. Hope u enjoy it.

1)- Norway is my favorite country.

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2)- I was born in Rio de Janeiro, but I grew up in Pará.

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3)- I play baseball. The Dodgers are my favorite team.

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4)- Next year I'm going to be an Exchange Student.

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5)- My favorite food is Yakisoba.

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6)- I love Geography and I have a world map on my bedroom wall.

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7)- My favorite animal is the fox.

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8)- I'm a STEM girl.

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9)- I want to be an aerospace engineer , but I also love International Relationships.

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10)- My favorite color is yellow.

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11)- I love Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

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12)- I want to learn russian, dutch and norwegian.

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13)- I have won many Astronomy medals and I work voluntarily at the Astronomical Observatory of my city.

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See ya <3