first of all, i'm sorry for all the mistakes i could make. i'm french, so please be kind.

i have a story to tell you. This summer, after a break up with my ex-boyfriend, (check my collection "him") i met a guy, on a stupid app like tinder but for younger people (i'm 16) and we started talking. At first, i didn't considerate him so much. i was missing my ex and he was just there like "hiii how are you :))" and after a few weeks we started to really like each other. we had late night phone calls, we juste laughed so much. we had plans to see each other irl, but i was so afraid that i've always told him i was too busy. he was 2 years older than me. about a month after we met, we started to tell "i love you", acting like a couple, and, honestly i liked him so much. he was so cute. he has light brown hair, or... more dark blond. i can't tell. honestly i didn't believe that a such handsome guy like him had a crush on me. but i can tell that on the app we met, he had only like 10 matches, when all the others boys had like 200 each. so it was really flattering. he was handsome, kind, funny, mature, but also so immature. the type of guy we can't resist.

our story sounded perfect, clear, simple.

but my heart missed it i guess.

one month and two weeks after we met. i totally fell in love with another boy. i don't know why, i don't know how. but it happened. he was loving me too, so we started dating. i'm still with him today, and on the 31th of march, it'll be our eight months. i love him.

he was so sad when i had to tell him i was dating another boy. i was too. i tried to keep a sort of friendship with him. but with no surprise, it didn't really worked. we continued talking, but he was so cold with me... and he was totally right. but in October, he started dating a girl, and i can't hide that when he said me this i had a little heartache. but i was telling to myself that, it was pretty cool, cause it meant he had moved on, and then he wouldn't be so cold with me anymore. but he was still cold. and he is still. he's not with his girlfriend anymore

i just wanted to say, V, i'm sorry. i believed in us. and when i think about you i still feel that thing, that connection between us. i know you'll never forgive me. i'm okay with that. i'm just so sorry. i've never seen you in already ten months. i never could look at you in the eye. i never could hug you. i know we'll meet one day. i hope you don't forget me like i don't forget you.