Hey everyone!

So it's been quite awhile since I wrote an article, but I was so extremely busy and I wasn't feeling well because of the stress. I had loads of tests and presentations and I lacked sleep and didn't even eat anymore at one point. But I'm back and I have more time now!

So today I'm going to share my march playlist with you guys! This is going to be a collection of songs I listened to this month. I hope you like them!

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love lies - khalid
lost in japan - shawn mendes
mine - bazzi
t-shirt weather - circa waves
growing pains - COIN

don't take the money - bleachers
young volcanoes - fall out boy
turn - the wombats
god's plan - drake
delicate - taylor swift

colouring outside the lines - misterwives
finesse - bruno mars
in my blood - shawn mendes
sex (ep version) - the 1975
IDGAF - dua lipa

what you know - two door cinema club
i wanna get better - bleachers
buttercup - hippo campus
don't dwell - barnacle boi
flume - bon iver

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So that's it for this month! Make sure to follow the playlist on spotify if you like it!

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Love, Mara