Hello friends!! I am glad to see that some of you have already followed me, so thank you very much!! This is something that I like to do and I am happy that some of will actually see it!! Tell me if you like it on the forum on my website. I have just started whi and my website so there might not be that many things. here is the link to my website:

So let's get started!!

Where do I live??: I am a proud Canadian!!!

What do I do: I am a student in gr 9 in high school!!

What extra curricular activities do I do?: I play soccer + sing + play the guitar + swim!!

Why do I write Articles?: It is something that I enjoy doing. I like to write to people about my interests and about me! Its a nice feeling when there are other people who have read my posts and seen my pins and found something useful!!

I am from Canada but my parents are from Sri Lanka

- I love reading!! I don't have that much time nowadays but whenever I do I love to read!! A good book that I would recommend for self improvement that is recent is Lily Singh's book how to be a BAWSE!!! I haven't finished but I think that this is a good book so far!! An older self improvement book would be Power of Style by Bobbie Thomas, now this book is a bit of self improvement in the first half and style and fashion stuff in the second half but I found the self improvement very good. An author that I would recommend for Adventure is Jessica Khoury: I have read Kalahari, Origin, and Vitro. I have yet to read The Forbidden Wish.

- Art!! I love art and I am thinking of posting some of my work on website, pinterest, and whi. My account for pinterest in Hansi Sri and my profile pic is a soccer ball.

-Soccer!! I love soccer and am a huge fan. My favourites are Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo, Neymar, and Messi!!

- I love eating!! I am trying to be more healthy I don't eat super unhealthy but it is one of my goals to be more healthy!! I don't have a favorite food it all depends on how I'm feeling at the moment but I will almost always love me a beef gyro wrap and its pretty healthy compared to some of my other fav foods!!

-I love music! It is a huge part of my day and I think that I probably would have a hard time with out it. I don't have a fav artist but I mostly listen to pop, Latino, and rap.

-Marvel!! I love marvel and went and saw Black Panther. It was soo good and I highly recommend it. Can't wait for Avengers Infinity War to come out!! SO CLOSE!!

-I love anything fashion, style, beauty, etc. I don't wear make up everyday only when there is something important. I am working towards better skin, style and hair. I have curly hair and I am telling you curly girls that deep conditioner and leave in conditioner is going to do your hair wonders!! I use a diy deep conditioner of coconut oil and my fav conditioner. And after I am out of the shower I use leave in conditioner. This has totally changed my hair game and USE A COTTON T-SHIRT!!!! Trust me i was skeptical too but it really does work. Wrap your hair in the t-shirt until it becomes damp the let it air dry, this takes out soo much frizz!!

That's all for today!! I hope you follow me and check out my website(the link is at the very top) also check out my pinterest at Hansi Sri(soccer ball image) link to cover pic is here https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/288793394847057875/ !!
Have a wonderful rest of the day!!