This is a preview of a short-kind-of-ish story. I don't know if I should continue to write this story or not.
๐Ÿ˜ = yes continue and don't react if I shouldn't continue. I haven't corrected grammar, spelling, and such yet. I'm not saying the name of the story b/c I don't have one yet.

- ~ -

She sat there all day. This is what she did most of her time. She either sat there judged people or went to war with them. Fifteen years ago, she didnt expect being there.

two guards walking with a beaten man had disrupted her thoughts. He had a purple eye, bruises and some cuts. But something about him intrigued her. Though, she didnt recognize what it was.

"and what have you brought me today, guards?" Asked with an bored yet entertained face expression. She sat on her throne with a few guards next to her.

"Mason Vanskun, your majesty. We saw him sneaking in with this; two daggers and 500ml of poison, your majesty. We believe he was trying an attempt of murder." One of the two guards was holding the weaponry while the other was holding onto Mason.

She didnt think long for knowing what to do with him, "Send him to chamber 148"

"But your majesty, chamber 148 is fo-"

" i know what chamber 148 is and whats inside it! Send him to chamber 148 and not another word from either of you two. Question me again and ill have you both executed by dawn."

"Yes your majesty." Bowed the guards and left.

- ~ -