Hello everybody this is my first Article so please be kind!

There are so many series on Netflix you can't watch them all but i will give you a few underrated shows who are worthy for try them out. (it's all my opinion maybe you found the shows pretty shit :) )

At Beginning of Netflix i don't understand the hype about it but since i have netflix for myself I'M OBSESSED 😍. so let`s get started :).

My first show is Designated Survivor

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Imagine from one second to another the whole Goverment of Usa is gone/dead and nobody think this could happend or maybe they knew ?

However the Show has everything from drama/crime or poltic to love and everything in between.

Second Show The OA

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The Show is pretty bizarre but also amazing. Prairie was lost. After seven years she show's suddenly "up" in a hospital but that is not mystery thing prairie was blind but now she can see. The biggest Question is what happend and where was Prairie ?

1) At the End the show get's a little crazy but it's still worth it
2) are you believing in the afterlife or the life after death ? even not after the show the topic will stay in your mind

The Third One (yeah !) Las Chicas del Cable

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Honestly i don't like very much drama but sometimes i need it and triangle Relationships. The show has everything from betrayed, Female Emporment or Homosexuality 🏳‍🌈

The fourth One is Scream (the tv series)

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Please don't try to compare it to the Movie they have just one thing in common the person with the mask! but the scream the tv show is so much deeper and the show is my everything! 😍 The Cast is super adorable, The Soundtrack is amazing and i like mystery and surpises and if you all gonna watch it maybe i get the third seasons from scream on netflix.

Now i give you in short some AMMMAAAAZING Shows&Movies to watch

  • Girlboss
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Sophia's Life is pretty messed up. Watch her being the Boss of her own Life and build her own Buisness 'Nasty Gal'
  • Jessica Jones
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I love Anti heroes 😍
  • Sleppy Hollow
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i don't know how to describe it but it was good
  • Black Mirror

Science Fiction with possible Futures often with dangerous technology. some chapter are bad and some are good.

  • 3%
  • Bates Motel
  • Sense 8

eight persons with the same knowledge i don't know to explain

  • Penny Dreadful
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it's so amazing you can just hate or love it. a lot mystery and supernatural powers.

  • Orphan Black
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if you like biology the show is even more interesting for you :)
  • To The Bone (Movie)
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no words ... but i love lilly collins


this show is intense also please don't watch if you can't handle this but it's also interesting

  • The Sinner

the same thing like mindhunter but it's brutal

  • Dark
  • The Expanse

until the end of season one the show is a little bit trash :)

  • Altered Carbon
  • The End of the f***ing World

it's so cute

  • Black Swan (Movie)
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no words

and last but not least right now i watch Riverdale

Sorry that the Article is so long ...
and also i'm not that good in English but i hope it make any sense what i'm writing :) have a nice Day <3