Hello lovely hearters! As earth hour just passed yesterday, i was thinking about how most people this generation think its "uncool" to care about the planet and the things we are doing. Honey, i actually think its "uncool" of you to throw recyclable things in the garbage bin.

Yeah lets just ignore that there is going to be some perfectly recyclable things in the landfills. I think not.

@Whispiral is here with Little Things to do to Make a Difference to encourage you to play your part to make the our planet a better home for us and all creatures we live with.


⚘ G R O W your own food ⚘

Growing your own food locally can help you save money, helps you eat organic, helps reduce the amount of fuel burnt to import and export foods.

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Learn how to garden and grow you own foods in your backyard or yard!

↻ R E C Y C L E recyclable items ↺

Recycling means to make things that were once trashed into something new and reusable.

What are some things you can recycle?

  • paper and carboard
  • glass
  • plastic water bottles
  • aluminum...etc

If you can't decrease the amount of waste you make, try to at least recycle to reduce the impact on the environment.

✦ T U R N the tap off while doing small things ✦

While doing daily things like brushing our teeth and washing our hands, many of us are guilty of leaving the tap on.


Yes, we only have so much water so we have to be smart with the amount of water we use or don't use. please turn the tap off while brushing.

Run brush under tap for a sec. apply the tooth paste. brush your teeth. spit. rinse mouth and you are done.

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☼ turn L I G H T S off when you can

Electricity is something i know we can't live without. As a Canadian i know how tough it to live without heat in the winters, its like asking for a death wish. harsh i tell you.

electricity is made by power planets that burn fossil fuels. The bad part is that electricity releases something called "greenhouse emissions" that then ebbs away at the atmosphere. Aka the only layer of protection we have against the sun's powerful energy and our blanket of heat to stop us from diving into another ice age.

So whenever it is a sunny day outside, instead of having the lights on, open up your blinds and curtains. Let the sun be your source of light! Of course, at night you are free to turn the lights on but lets try to use the sun as much as we can.

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❀ D O N ' T kill animals or insects

haha i hope you know what i mean. People apparently think that killing animals makes them look heartless or something. apparently looking heartless is cool??

"BUt, I aM a BAd BoY" honey, stop.

Killing any innocent creature is NOT funny, NOT cool, NOT okay. Lets take worms for example since people think to step on them since they have 5 hearts or something. Yes they have 5 hearts and yes they can survive but taking them out of their natural habitat to feed them to your pet parrot is just...

They are decomposers, They are decomposing your waste. How about you create a "green bin" in which you can put a bunch of worms in a open bin and throw your fruit cores and vegetable skins in.

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Cool part? if you are gardening and growing food, throw in your fertilizer from your bin and mix it into your soil!


Thank you so much hearters for reading! The well being of our planet is being treated like a joke. There are people like Trump who think global warming doesn't exist. Its proof of our planet changing due to our actions.

This earth hour is our hour to change.

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